What Others Say


I worked closely with Steve over about 18 months while he was Chair of my Vistage Chief Executive group. I was impressed by Steve's range of experience in business, management and personal development. He's brilliant, insightful and kind. Steve is also a very positive person who naturally brings out the best in people. There are few people I've met that I'm truly better off having known and Steve is one of them.
Eric Schweinfurter CEO/CFO - Apex Contracting and Restoration
This is to offer my highest endorsement for Steve McNulty. I have had the opportunity of working closely with Mr. McNulty and during the time we have interacted I have found him to be a highly professional leader focused on supporting others in their growth journey as C-Level leaders functioning in a variety of sectors and vested with responsibility for medium to very large budgets and often hundreds of employees. We both participated in work as members of an academic Board of Directors responsible for over 4,000 students. In addition, we have collaborated in group work comprised of Chief Organizational Officers interested in the growth, improvement and and expansion of their business. Steve McNulty's expertise and practical skills range from very specific knowledge of technology and its many creative and forward thinking uses to a broad knowledge of organizational theory and design, fiscal administration, human relations and management, medium to large company operations, and high level strategic planning. I have observed his very successful work with groups focused on problem solving, forecasting, and procedural and systems analysis. I have personally enjoyed his counsel for several years as he actively advised and supported my own business. I would credit him with an influential role in the excellent growth and development of our a 58 million dollar enterprise employing approximately 300 employees at any one time. Steve McNulty is not only an extraordinary, knowledgable professional, he is a gentleman well-respected by peers and subordinates alike. His positive, high-energy charism motivates the people around him and generates a sense of trust. People enjoy being around him because of his excellent sense of humor and respect for others. Steve McNulty has my highest endorsement because he is experienced and wise in the ways of business and successful living. I have no doubt that he is more than qualified for any position or activity he chooses to participate in. I am available for follow-up and may be reached at mbixby@altusschools.net or 1(619) 708-8803. Sincerely, Mary Bixby
Mary Bixby CEO - Charter School of San Diego
I was fortunate enough to have Steve as my business coach, through Vistage, for a number of years. As the CEO of a smaller firm with multiple issues going at once, I benefitted greatly from Steve's ability to quickly grasp the issues at their core and then help me to craft the path forward. And most importantly, he would then hold me accountable, an absolutely essential element to my success. Steve has a rare combination of skills; he is an engineer with an entrepreneur's mind who knows how to swiftly and efficiently gets things done. I'm going to pause here while you let that sink in. I have seen companies started, saved and enriched as a result of his touch. After reading my endorsement I realize I have very much personalized it, but that is exactly what you can expect when working with Steve.
Gregg Haggart CEO and Board Level Advisor
I have known and worked with Steve for over 10 years. He has a significant wealth of entrepreneurial, business and senior executive experience. Having 'been there, done that' on several occasions he can demonstrate in practical terms his thoughts and solutions to many business challenges. Steve has operated at board level, investor and stakeholder level in many organisations. He's a passionate learner, so he's always up to date with the latest trends and innovations. He's also a caring and challenging teacher and coach, and has guided many business owners and senior executives to overcome their challenges and achieve their goals. Steve has a real sense of fun, and so working with him is always an enjoyable experience, highly recommended.
Steve Gilroy Vistage Chair, Vistage
Steve was my Vistage Chair and was a great mentor and advisor for me regarding starting our new software company and business advise regarding other leadership issues surrounding running a business with 300+ employees. I would welcome Steve back as a colleague and mentor in a heartbeat.
Jamie Ogle President/CEO, Lloyd Pest Control
I worked with Steve in his capacity as a Vistage Chair and also working inside my organisation as a coach and mentor to my senior team as we re-built the leadership team post a management buy out in 2016. Steve was a great sounding board and helped significantly in a crucial period that ultimately led to me being able to successfully transform the business and exit a few years later.
Chris Johnson Executive Chairman, JJS Manufacturing Ltd
Steve is a knowledgeable business leader, strategic advisor and one of the best executive coaches that I’ve worked with. He is trustworthy, insightful and is always looking for the best way forward and to add value as a mentor. He is passionate about working with people and helping them, and himself, to always be better.
Alex Goldsmith CEO, Medigold Health