The tech isn’t the stress – performing online is

Being your best in the head & shoulders, full-frontal new normal is here to stay!

Even the remaining luddites in the business world are getting to grips with the tech required to keep in touch and stay ahead. Tech and tech support you can learn or you can buy. Either way, you get it and it becomes, hopefully, an invisible part of your online performance.

What you can’t delegate, as a leader, is your personal presence online. This is true irrespective of whether you are facilitating, chairing or attending an all-hands meeting, an executive leadership team meeting, a 1-2-1, a broadcast to your customer base, an important sales call or your presence in a webinar or interactive seminar and the like. How you are perceived in this new normal world is key to your success as a leader. You probably spend a lot of cash on the tech and what is required to enable you to be permanently and professionally connected. What to you spend in cash and personal time investment on how you are perceived?

Given that you have already sorted out your online environment and your tech requirements, there are three layers to how you are perceived in the online World…1) your lack of nerves and stress on camera, 2) your ability to be seen as natural and human while being most definitely the leader and, 3) your ability to make your messages stick.

As most of you know our App, Zenpower, can deal with stresses and anxieties in number (1) above and this will enable you to focus on items (2) and (3). You can find out how to use Zenpower for free at the bottom of this post.

Items (2) and (3) rely on two factors:

  • Understanding your natural abilities, and
  • Coaching and mentoring to bring the best of out of you using these natural abilities.

I’m fortunate that I have one of the best on-screen online presence and performance coaches helping me. We worked together for two hours initially and then one hour a week for 3 weeks and then we will work together for an hour a month. It is truly eye-opening. Different ways of thinking, subtle changes in tonality, speed and body language (head and shoulders – with a bit of hands 😊, that all add up to a total natural, professional and leadership presence. I thought I was OK before. I now know what good really looks and sounds like.

Please think about how important your online presence is to you as a leader the effect this might have on your company. Consider getting some professional help in this area. It is not expensive and, given the damage you can do by not doing it, it has a tremendous ROI.

Let me know if you would like to enquire as to my coach’s current availability.

Please remember that you only get a few seconds to make a lasting impression.

I hope this has been of help. Happy to help in any way I can – drop me a message.

For free use of our stress and anxiety reduction App, Zenpower, go to and register. Use the company code 281270 when needed and download the app.