Isolation without loneliness

We know the saying “It’s lonely at the top”. Most of us business leaders, today more than ever, can empathise with that feeling. We face being physically isolated from our business, our colleagues, our customers, our suppliers and the challenges that brings. Being connected physically in the virtual world is now a key resource we have to be able to tap into. This is easier said than done for some of us. We are a hardy bunch and we will adapt as needed.

Being connected psychologically and intellectually is not so easy. For most us, we haven’t any experience of dealing with the current challenges. We are the leaders and so we believe everyone expects us to have the answers. The answers to what? If we are to lead and take ourselves, our companies and our country out of the current fog, we need to feel psychologically safe. Also, we need to be able to tap into like-minded resource to help us remain intellectually alert and curious. This is hard when we have no one that we can really talk to, confide in and lean on and who is in the deep waters with us. This is when the power of peer groups really comes to the fore.

Having a group of like-minded non-competing business leaders to interact with who are unbiased, agenda free and are there only to help each other become a better leader who makes better decisions is invaluable. The group creates a firm foundation for us leaders to investigate unknowns, create more awareness on our knowns, gain clarity of mind and uncover the best choices that will help us make the great decisions needed.

I have facilitated these forms of peer groups for nine years now and I know that now is the time we need them the most. I want you to be able to experience what this resource can do you and your business. To aid the Great British “Let’s Beat This” campaign, I’m offering to set up virtual peer groups by video conference. I will facilitate and you will contribute to them and consume what you need from them. If you would like to use this resource let me know here and I’ll send you the details. I ask only one thing…you commit to total confidentiality once you are in a group discussion.

Let’s get through this together.